Free vs Paid Password Managers

A Password Manager is a software application that stores and manages a person’s passwords. Generally, all your passwords are stored in an encrypted format (similar to banking security), requiring that you have 1 master password to access all of your passwords.

I have done the research to bring you a few recommendations to choose from to manage all your usernames and passwords. Some are free, but they have limitations.

iCloud Keychain

  • Pro: Free

  • Con: Limited to Apple Devices Only

If you use all Apple devices in your household, then this is the solution for you. Apple provides a good knowledge article “Frequently Ask Questions about iCloud Keychain“. This explains how to set this up and use it on your Apple devices.

Google Passwords

  • Pro: Free

  • Con: Limited to Android Users Only

If you use Chrome Browser all the time, this solution might be best for you. However, if you have Apple devices, you are limited to only access your passwords with your Chrome Browser to access your information.

Password Managers

  • Pro: Free Plan, not Apple or Android specific, Generates Strong Passwords, Share Securely, Monitoring

  • Con: Low-Cost Premium Accounts ($2-4 monthly subscription)

Password managers applications are a great tool that helps you keep your passwords organized and accessible at a moment's notice but in a secure environment. They also generate strong passwords for you, so you never feel stumped when creating a new or updating a password for a site.

Elements of a Digital Inventory

These are things you should consider capturing in a document or adding into a Password Manager. Keeping track of your digital imprint can help organize your digital life that you have spent years building.

  • Banking Account(s)

  • Medical Insurance

  • Home, Auto and Life Insurance

  • Financial Advisor and Retirement Accounts

  • Utility Companies

  • Email Accounts

  • Subscriptions

  • Employer Information

  • House/Mortgage Company

  • Property Tax and HOA

  • Listing of ALL Devices you Own

Note: The Apple and Google options don't offer this type of functionality.

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