Subscription vs Buying Ink

Most printer ink, at least the ink-jet’s I have ever used, have a HUGE range in pricing and they don’t always last very long depending on the amount of printing that you have to do. I was spending at least $70 + on a set of black and tri-color ink cartridges what seemed like every month that I had to do this. I don’t know about you, but that’s expensive in my book! Those were the XL ones and still, it didn’t seem to really last long either.

Never Run Out of Ink

Yes, they send you Ink cartridges before you need them. Since they require that your printer be connected to the internet, they have the ability to check the level of ink you have within your printer. Once it falls below a certain level, they send you new cartridges. Saving you time and the hassle of having to order when you think you might need ink.

Only Pay for What you Print

That's right! You only Pay for what you print. Their pricing plans starting as low as $0.99 per month. I started with the lowest plan and then moved up based on my printing habits. If you need to go over, they charge $1 for additional pages if necessary, however you can always upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time based on your need for printing.

24/7 Support

The last reason is they offer 24/7 Chat or Phone Support. If the ink cartridge aren't printing or you get errors, they will provide you with a new cartridge quickly.

Saves You Time and Money

Finally... if you are cost conscious like I am, this is the program for you. I have seen significant savings, spending only $80 for the entire year of printing. Yep, I used to spend that amount in 1 shopping trip for the XL ink cartridges and I would have to go back every month.

BIG Difference in Ink Cartridges!

The most interesting part about this program is the ink cartridges are twice the size of even the XL ink cartridges you can buy. In fact, I have never seen this size out in the market… online or in stores. It is only offered by HP.

As you can see these ink cartridges are HUGE compared to what you can purchase online or in any store. Just so you can see what I am talking about when it comes to the differences in sizes.

Since technology is moving to a more digital world, this really starts to ensure you print less with your printer. Knowing that you are being charged for each print out may cause you… at least it did for me… to re-think your printing habits.

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