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As a Solopreneur, I didn't start out with everything I needed to run my business. I was working with a shoestring budget, so I had to consider WHAT I could invest my money in that would organize me and help me run a profitable business without breaking my budget!

Below are the tools that I either started with or found along the way. If you are just starting a business or have been running your solo business for years, these tools will assist you in organizing your business and that will bring you a return on your investment quickly!

Google Workspace | Small Business Platform

My business runs on this cloud-based productivity platform. This helps me to stay organized, communicate with clients, collaborate with freelancers and other stakeholders, and basically, accomplish more in less time. With it, I can work from anywhere, on any device without sacrificing my productivity. It’s super simple to set up, use, and manage, so it allows you to focus on what really matters—like growing your business.

Your account includes a professional email, file storage, video meetings, online calendars, document editing, and more.

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HP Instant Ink | Printer Ink

Printer ink was not something I thought about getting massive savings on. Most office supply stores have coupons or deals that can save you 10-15% on your purchase. However, that still doesn’t save you hundreds of dollars if you print a lot.

This program not only offers ink cartridges that are larger than you can buy in any store but help you budget your printing monthly.

LastPass | Password Manager

It only takes one time to forget your password, sending you down that hole of frustration. I don’t know how I ever lived without this technology tool. I never forgot a password, nor do I ever have to create one. This tool does it all. Allowing me to only have to remember just one to access the vault.

Besides storing your usernames and passwords in a secure way, you can access it from any device you use.

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QuickBooks Self-Employed | Accounting

I have yet to find a better money management tool. Ideal for the self-employed, this budget-friendly tool makes it a breeze to create and send invoices, automate your mileage tracking, maximize your Schedule C deductions, and estimate your quarterly taxes. It saves me so much time year-round, and especially during tax season.

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