You Deserve More from Your Technology!

I help Service-Based businesses Convert Critical Time-Consuming tasks into efficient processes through the use of technology.

By defining operational workflows, you'll decrease your overhead and increase your revenue. Work Smarter, not Harder!

Today’s world is made up of many different facets when it comes to running a business. Technology can streamline those processes, but you have to know what’s right for your business to make it work. For Soloists or Managers of a Team, does this sound familiar?


  • You’re struggling to keep up with the latest technology. Technology is ever-changing, almost every day, so it is hard to keep up with what is best for you to use in your business.

  • You’re Overwhelmed by the choices you have. There are millions of applications out there and they all promise to save you time and money if you use them. Too many choices can be overwhelming.

  • Feeling confused about which technology is right for your business. Low cost and promises are what software companies market, but it can be confusing if they are really the right technology for you to use.

  • Concerned you’re wasting money on technology. Monthly subscriptions can add up when you are purchasing more than a few applications to use.

  • Uncertain of how to use the technology you already own. Every business works differently and sometimes matching your business process with the technology can be difficult.


  • Every day is a new day with different problems. You can’t seem to get ahead. You want to start working on the BIG project, but you have ZERO time to invest in anything that is not capturing your attention as soon as you start your day.

  • Your team isn’t completing the tasks that were assigned. You’ve spent many hours training your team members on how to do their job, but they always seem to be doing something completely different than what you asked of them. You feel like you have to hand-hold them all day long, but you don’t have the time to devote that effort.

  • You bought the latest technology, but it’s not fixing the problem. No one knows how to use the tool and there is no time to invest in learning it. You were sold on the idea that this will save you time and money, but you don’t see the return on your investment.


Are you looking for something to help accelerate your progress and decrease your risk? I offer a few coaching options for professionals just like you. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

I’m an Efficiency Strategist with the Heart 💖 of a Teacher. I’m on a mission to help service-based businesses build efficient processes that scale through the use of technology.

I’m passionate about learning the unique ways business owners' run their businesses.

After spending 20+ years working in the corporate world, I’m bringing my experience and expertise to small businesses and entrepreneurs by helping them better understand the power of their technological investments.

Having the right systems in place can make all the difference when it comes to creating an experience for your customers!


"Time is money, and if you are stressed and have too much on your plate you need to see where things need improving and that is what Michelle did for us. An evaluation of our systems and team and then created processes that helped clarify roles and technology. I feel what I really was most inspired by was Michelle's desire and positive approach in making sure we're successful! It was congruent with our office culture!"

~Shannon, Principal Designer, Mann Designs Studio

"Michelle, you are great at what you do! Your process management and mapping are excellent! Spending time with you has helped us to find clarity in our business processes (directly and indirectly). The changes you suggested will ultimately allow us to provide an even better customer experience."

~Edward, CEO, The Web Page Site

"Michelle Guerra is a true gift. Her tech assessment has decreased stress and increased productivity for our church each and every day. She is clear, positive, and helpful without fail. Her tech review has saved us money and increased our functionality. She listens, cares, makes a plan, and works with you to make the plan happen. Her work will bring you success and peace."

~Les, Rector, St. Aidan's Episcopal Church

"Michelle was an amazing investment! Hiring Michelle allowed me to see all of the possibilities to make my life easier from a systems perspective. I am extremely confident and more confident about creating documents for my clients and ways to bring my team members closer together. I am building a structure that can easily be expanded as my team grows."

~Dominque, Owner, Engaged Minds Academy

"Michelle helped me take the larger steps needed to move my company forward. She thinks about my processes from the perspective of my clients, not just making it easier for myself. I’m more confident and focused on building the right systems, using the right technology to serve my clients with the best experience.

~Lee, The Hiring MatchMaker, Clough Consulting

"If you're looking to improve your business' systems and processes so your team can work more efficiently, you need to talk to Michelle. After asking many questions, she helped me layout a workflow to help me be more systematic and strategic and guided me to the technologies that were the right fit for me. After each meeting, I had "homework" that I needed to do before we could move on to my next item. Her patience, knowledge, and step-by-step coaching has been a real blessing. Thank you, Michelle!"

~Wendy, Benefits Pro, Bowser Insurance Services

“My one-man business was doing well, but I was limited in how much I could grow. Michelle listened to my needs, researched the right solutions for my business, and then put those tools in place. Now, I’ve built a high-performance virtual team, my business is running more smoothly than ever, and there’s no limit to how much I can grow!”

~Owner, Blinds & Shutter Specialist

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