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Financial Literacy: Align your Mindset with your Money

It’s true when you have a mindset of a broke person, you will always be broke. Being intentional about your money will change your mindset. Allowing you to think like a millionaire and prosper!

In this presentation, you will learn...

  • Why dreaming will give you all the motivation you need

  • Thriving instead of surviving through any tough times

  • How to find savings on things you always purchase

Punch your money fears in the face and learn some simple tips you can start using today!

Event Host: ABWA: 2021 Leadership Forum

  • Where: Online Meeting

  • When: June 8, 2021, 9:30 - 5:00 pm

Zero Inbox: Ideas that Save you Hours

On average a person will receive or send just a touch under 250 emails per day.

How can we keep track of all of that and still do our business?

If you don’t have a plan for dealing with all that incoming traffic, you are going to be drowning in emails.

Learn my actionable, super easy tips for clearing out the clutter, cleaning up that inbox—and keeping it pristine—from this day forward.

Event Host: ABWA: Innovative Women in Business

  • Where: Online Meeting

  • When: April 13, 2021, 9:00 - 11:00 am

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With the Heart 💖 of a Teacher, I enjoy teaching business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals how to maximize their personal technology investments. From cloud computing to mobile devices, I can help you better understand the power of your personal devices.

After spending 20+ years working in the corporate world, I’m bringing my experience and expertise to small businesses and entrepreneurs by helping them better understand the power of their technological investments.

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