A private consulting to Streamline your Service-Based business.

Are your Systems Working Optimally?

You’ve invested in some technology to bring efficiency, accountability, and scalability to your business. You have seen the power of what technology brings, however...

  • You’re dealing with too many Client Confrontations about mistakes being made throughout the project.

  • Multiple leads coming in daily or weekly and it’s hard to manage all of them.

  • Client’s are not responding to your communications and when they do, it’s not in your preferred method of communication.

  • Your file management is out of control and you can’t find anything quickly.

  • Each team member has their own systems or methods of working, so it’s hard to collaborate on projects together.

  • You want to improve your systems in your business, but you’re not sure where to start.

Now you’re burned-out or feeling fatigued from dealing with the Chaos of the same issues over and over in the day-to-day of your business and you want relief.

You want to be more Proactive in your business, but you feel you just can’t get past being in a Reactive state from the day-to-day issues.

Imagine Scaling to the Next Level

Imagine having defined systems and processes that:

  • Defined Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) which promotes standards within your business, reducing errors and omissions

  • Standardize on Specific Technology Procedures reducing the uncertainty of use

  • Securing your Invaluable Intellectual Property resulting in a reduction of risk for loss

  • Create an Accountable Culture with a Team to reduce mistakes, better task completions, and collaboration

  • Streamline the Process when working with your Clients that will result in creating an unforgettable customer experience

My Consulting will be Your Guide

My private consulting is for service-based businesses just like you who are looking to streamline your systems, attract better clients, and transform your customer’s experience.

If you're feeling stuck or stalled or inefficient, consulting will show you what’s wrong, what to do about it, and hold you accountable for making progress.

If you have ever hired an expert to provide service for you in your home, what sorta expectations would you have? Would you want your experience with them to go smoothly?

Building your customer’s journey should be defined, documented, and carried out by you and your team. Creating a structure that is able to be duplicated by every team member and streamlining systems that look seamless to your clients.

Benefits of Private Consulting

  • Capture more qualified prospects through a defined approach

  • Standardize on technology that is aligned with your business and processes

  • Ensuring you are collecting the right documents and funding to seal the deal

  • Manage your client’s expectations through your defined Standard Operating Procedures

My Private Consulting takes the guesswork and the risk out of the equation. Commit to the process, and your results are guaranteed.

Here's How it Works

I provide my expertise and blueprint for implementing a workflow that is designed to create an unforgettable experience for your clients.

Our agreement will entitle you to unlimited access to me via phone, email, and chat. I return all messages no later than the next business day, although in practice response time is much quicker (particularly between 9 am to 5 pm CT, but also nights and weekends).


  • Define a system that will capture the right information in an inquiry for your ideal clients.

  • Ensuring you are collecting the right documents and funding to start work

  • Managing your client's expectations from start to finish

  • Create back-office management that looks seamless to your clients

  • Systematize your business operations so you assign or hire the right team members to manage it

Your business will be far more productive and ways to track inefficiencies. Delegating work for existing or new team members will be more streamlined.


  • A Kickoff meeting for assessing your current business state

  • Meet weekly for 60-90 minutes to check progress, and discuss assignments

  • Google Chat Space for 1:1 conversations in between meetings

  • Shared Drive folder for working documents

  • All calls and conversations are confidential

  • Payment is due upfront in full to get started

  • Availability is limited, so apply to get on the waitlist

Risk-free, 100% Money-Back guarantee. If you’re not happy with our Kickoff call for any reason, just let me know and I’ll refund your money in full.

What's the Investment

I offer 3 Advisor Retainer options. Based on what your needs are for your particular business will determine what options you select. Your investment will start at $3,500/month.

Ready to Apply?

Applying only signals interest and does not commit either of us. A follow-up will happen after receiving your application to schedule a FREE discovery call, to ensure we are a great fit for working together. There’s no risk or obligation by just applying.

Don't worry, there's no risk or obligation and it's free to apply.

Availability is limited. I usually only take on a handful of new private consulting clients per year. If you are considering private consulting, apply now to start the process.