A techy with a purpose

Technology always came easy to me—and while that may be what got me started, it certainly isn’t the reason I’ve spent more than two decades in the industry. That has more to do with helping people.

During my 20 years in the software industry, I worked with developers testing software. I supported and trained thousands of people on all types of software applications. I spent time with small business owners and other professionals.

I kept meeting people who were struggling to keep up with the latest technology. As soon as they mastered something, everything would change, and they’d be back to square one.

The more I spoke with people, the more I discovered that even the savviest business owners didn’t know what technology was best for them—or how to use the technology they’d already invested in.

That’s when I decided to make a big change and follow my heart.

I decided to become an entrepreneur and put all my effort into helping individuals and small business owners better understand today’s technology—and take full advantage of their investment.

Michelle—the early years

I grew up during the 80s when technology as we know it really started to take off. I loved it as a child and teenager, but I didn’t know how to turn that love into a career.

After high school, I spent much of the early 90s working as a temp—because I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I learned so much during those years. I learned how to adapt to any office environment, no matter how busy, understaffed or chaotic it was. I studied processes and procedures religiously and figured out how to make them more efficient.

I built the skill I’ve based my entire business on: using technology as efficiently as possible.

I eventually followed my passion, and in 1997, I graduated from a technical school that taught me how to tear apart computers, put them back together and manage networks. For the next several years, I worked as a contractor for several companies, learning how they were incorporating technology into their business.

I worked for several start-up companies, setting up their networks, troubleshooting their PCs and training employees on Microsoft productivity apps and QuickBooks.

By the year 2000, I was hired by one of the largest fortune 500 software acquisition companies, as a Level 2 support for a lifecycle management software. I loved the job, because it gave me the room and resources I needed to become a top customer support person. I spent hours listening to the customers’ issues and then working with the developers to solve the problems that the software was causing. I learned I had a knack for bridging the communication gap between the two groups.

I continued on in corporate positions, until the end of 2015. It was shortly after that I started the next chapter of my life.

Fulfilling my purpose one client at a time

Corporate life just wasn’t for me. I wanted the freedom to truly help people without all the red tape. The years had given me the technical expertise, but I’d also learned how to truly listen to people, get to the root of their pain, and offer them real solutions to their specific problems.

My new purpose came from an unexpected place. During drinks one evening, as I talked about how I wasn’t feeding my passion to merge my love of technology and helping others, my friend—a smart, talented executive in a high-end company—piped up and said “I would pay you to help me understand and use all the technology I already own.”

That was my “ah-ha” moment. Over the years, I’d learned how to tame technology and make it accessible—even to those people who hated it. I spent years investigating technology and making it work better for me. It was time to put all that to use and help others.

That’s when I put all my energy into Michelle Guerra Consulting. This business is my lifeblood. It matters to me—and I know how much your business matters to you.

I want to help you become as efficient and productive as you can. I want you to get more from your technology investment.

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