Hi, I'm Michelle Guerra

I love helping people. Few things bring joy to my heart more than helping someone through something that is difficult for them.

Technology seems to be difficult for a lot of people. I’ve always loved it though.

Coaching and consulting is my outlet for both my desire to help people and my love of technology.

That’s not where it started though.

I grew up in the 80s when technology, as we know it, really started to take off. I loved it as a child and a teenager but I didn’t know how to turn that love into a career.

After high school, I found myself in the software industry helping developers evaluate and test new software. In 1997, I got a Microsoft Certified Professional certification which allowed me to start contracting for several companies. It was a great chance to learn how they incorporated technology into their businesses.

As my career progressed, so did my experience.

By the year 2000, I was hired by one of the largest Fortune 500 software acquisition companies. It was my dream job!! I spent hours listening to the customers’ issues and working with the developers to solve the problems that the software was causing. I learned I had a knack for bridging the communication gap between the two groups. But I also learned that working within the confines of corporate America made problem-solving difficult, if not impossible.

I worked for several start-up companies, setting up their networks, troubleshooting their PCs, and training employees on Microsoft productivity apps and QuickBooks. I learned all about how small businesses operate and what is important to them.

I was having drinks with a friend one evening. She’s a smart, talented, high-powered executive who I have a lot of respect for. As I was venting about how I wasn’t feeding my passion to merge my love of technology and helping others she said, “I would pay you to help me understand and use all the technology I already own.”

Then, I had an ah-ha moment!

Right then, Michelle Guerra Consulting was born.

I left the stability of my corporate career and decided to become an entrepreneur. I could finally put all my effort into helping individuals and small business owners better understand today’s technology – and take full advantage of their investment.

Need help but you're not sure where to start?