TMS 44: How to Check Your Mailbox with Your Smartphone

Mailbox clusters have been in existence for years.  My parents have had one for their subdivision since they purchased their house in the mid-’80s.  So this is nothing really new.

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However, the Postal Service for our neighborhood didn’t take into account the fact that the cluster of mailboxes is not close to every house it facilitates the mail for.  

We are actually ¼ of a mile away from our mailbox cluster!

When you have that kind of distance, you don’t see the mail person come every day. As such, you may forget to check your mailbox on a regular basis.

After moving to a new neighborhood, we had to figure out a way to check our mailbox often enough that we don’t miss anything important.

Have you heard of the Informed Delivery App before?  If so, are you using it?  Leave your comment here.

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