TMS 43: Building a Mobile Office that Creates Synergy in Business

I am excited to introduce my friend Wendy Bowser, owner and Benefits Advisor of Bowser Insurance.  She specializes in helping employers build their employee attraction and retention through creative benefits solutions.

Wendy is a client of mine and she came to me feeling overwhelmed and at a loss of what type of technology she needed to be using in her business.  She was utilizing lots of technology in her business, but it wasn’t providing the type of return she needed to run her business. Meaning she was spending LOTS of money on tools, but it really didn’t make her work more efficiently.

She was also spending hundreds of dollars on tools that were recommended by her hosting company, but weren’t beneficial or showing her a real impact on improving her business workload.

I conducted a Technology Review with Wendy.  This is where I review ALL the technology that she was using and consult her on some simple changes that she could easily implement for herself and are more aligned to her business.  

She had a HUGE eye-opening experience during the review that causes her to take some action.  Actions that not only saved her time(allowing her to work in her business more) but also saved her hundreds of dollars on technology tools she wasn’t even using.

Tune in to today’s episode where Wendy shares her story of how these simple changes have changed the way she does business!

If you want to get more from your technology investment, let’s connect!

Resources in this Episode:

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