TMS 41: Importance of Documented Processes

Referrals and recommendations are a large part of doing networking for business.  

Even when I worked in my corporate job, I did plenty of referrals and recommendations for coworkers all the time.  So, this is not just for business owners, it happens everywhere.

This episode is a first for me!  

I took a good friends advice and collected questions from my listeners and answer a specific question on today’s episode.

The question I answer today is around recommending a social media tool for posting.  A lot of business owners are just now starting to use social media in their business, but they are wanting to start with using technology to manage that.

Learn what you need to do first so that you are not putting the cart before the horse.

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Resources in this Episode:

  • Jake says:

    I really need to schedule time to work more on my business processes. Thanks for the reminder!

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