TMS 38: From Meeting in Person to Meeting Digitally

Having a business of your own, you wear many hats.  You’re the marketing, accounting, business development, and the creative departments all in one.

Networking is just a part of what you must do to get your name out there so you can either drum up some business or make some connections that people can refer you out for new business.

This sounds extremely exhausting!


Because just going to networking events doesn’t always get you connected with people.  You literally have to set up a 1:1 meeting with people so that you can really get to know them.

In this episode I want to shift your mind… not like a Jedi mind trick, but think differently about the way you set up a meeting.

Learn ways in which you can incorporate technology that you may have already used before.

Resources in this Episode:

  • Melissa says:

    I’ve started using Zoom and Google Hangouts for meetings this year on a regular basis. I meet with networking partners, clients, prospective clients and colleagues. I still have a lot of in-person meetings but am grateful to have this option. It’s a real time-saver and makes having a meeting with someone who is four hours away at a moment’s notice a breeze.

    • Michelle Guerra says:

      Thanks for sharing Melissa! Yes, Zoom and Google Hangouts are some of my favorite meeting tools to use. I use them in my own business to connect with others.

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