TMS 37: Importance of Knowing Where Your Information is Stored

When you bought your smartphone what was the first thing that “bedazzled” you?  Was it the endless possibilities you do with the phone?

Purchasing my first smartphone was a BIG step for me.  The benefits seemed endless when it came to what I could access or do on the phone.

The first thing I had to overcome was not carrying around that Franklin Covey Daytimer — that was a HARD behavior change! 

However, the benefits outweighed the pain of keeping up with a notebook.  The smartphone was much lighter and I found what I needed quickly.

In this episode, I talk about what I consider the major benefits of using cloud technology to store your information.

I’ll also share a story about how I got started in my business with a 1:1 workshop on how cloud technology works.

Resources in this Episode:

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