TMS 31: Back to School Technology Shopping: 3 Handy Resources

It’s back to school time and the tax-free weekend will be underway this coming weekend.

Unfortunately, technology items such as smartphones, laptops or desktop and tablets are not on the list of items for being tax-free here in the state of Texas.  However, that never stopped retailers from promoting sales for them.

Tune into today’s episode where I will cover…

  • Buyer’s guides for your next smartphone
  • Computer Purchasing Worksheets 
  • Shoppers guide for Tablets or iPads

Whether it’s for you, your high school or college-bound students.  Knowing what you need before you even step foot in a store or shop online is key to buying your technology with purpose.

Now I want to hear from you.  What other types of technology are you purchasing for back to school?  Leave your comment in the show notes.

Resources for this Episode:

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