TMS 29: CRM 101: Managing and Organizing Your Contacts, Part 2

Managing and keeping track of all your contacts is vital for any business.  If your not spending time entering new contacts or updating your contacts information, then you will have an overwhelming nightmare on your hands.

In episode #28 I covered the location of all your contacts, managing them and then determine what information is really required from each of your contacts so that you have everything you need.  If you haven’t listened to that episode, I would recommend you start there first.

Today’s episode is going to cover…

  • Building a process for your contacts
  • Understanding CRM technology
  • Common apps for the management of contacts

You may be surprised, but you could already be using a tool and you don’t need to change. However, you will need to evaluate your needs based on the process you build for managing your contacts.

Now, I want to hear from you…. What tool did you decide to use or are using?  Join me in the comments with your answer.

Resources in this Episode:

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