TMS 27: Building a Podcast: 10 Resources to Get You Started

One of my favorite authors, Seth Godin, did a blog post on “Podcasting is the new Blogging”.  That was not the reason I started my podcast, but it’s an interesting read coming from a marketing guru.

When I was brainstorming ideas for how I wanted to market my business I took lots of time to determine where my audience goes.  Meaning where does my audience go for their information about technology or business.

There are all sorts of things you can do share your knowledge with your audience.  

This episode shares my story of how I decided what platform I wanted to use to marketing to my audience and what I had to do to make it a success going forward.  

I drank my own champagne in building a process so that YOU, my listener, would get the best content I could provide on a consistent basis.  

I covered my process for building a marketing plan in episode #25 and then I shared an interview with another business owner that needed to implement a marketing plan for her business in episode #26.  

This episode I cover my not only my “Why”, but what I actually am offering my audience with this format of marketing.  I also share the technology I use to make all this magic happen on a weekly basis.

Resources in this Episode:

*Note: I’m a proud affiliate of these products and services, and I do receive a small commission from each sale.

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