TMS 26: Make Your Marketing Easy with Templates

Every business wants their clientele to be SUPER fans of their business.  Who wouldn’t?

Membership business can be tricky when it comes to really keep a connection between you and your members.  You have to know what is too much communication and what is not enough.

Today’s episode is all about my good friend Annie Anderson and how she is using email marketing in her Yoga Trapeze business.  She has to maintain a certain number of students in her classes to keep the doors open.

Annie gained a HUGE fan base of students after a promotion she did and her weekly class schedule became overwhelming to manage all of those new students.  

Learn how she was able to implement the simple steps to implement an email marketing plan in her business.  Leaving her with less administrative work and a better way to manage registration for her classes.

Connecting with your customers is important, so how are you connecting?  What process are you following or tools are you successful at using? Join me in the comments here.

Resources for this Episode:

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