TMS 17: Leading From the Living Room: Tips for Running a Virtual Business

I am super excited to introduce you to Lindsey Chapman, owner and Virtual Executive Officer of Meadow’s Resources, a human resource recruiting, staffing, consultant and management firm.

She specializes in virtual staffing, and she leads a virtual team that spans the globe, so she has mastered the art of working virtually and using technology to manage her business.  

In this podcast, she shares her best advice with us. Highlights include:

  • The online recruiting and collaboration tools she loves and why.
  • The biggest mistake she has seen people make when it comes to investing in a CRM tool.
  • Her No. 1 tip for choosing technology—it’s all about saving money.
  • Why she requires everyone to use password managers.
  • And much more!

I want to hear from you!

Let me know if you want more from other business owners and how they are using technology in their own business.  I want to hear your thoughts, so post your comment below in this shows notes.

Resources from this Episode:

*Note: I’m a proud affiliate of these products and services, and I do receive a small commission from each sale.

  • Jim Morris says:

    Thanks for that great podcast. That topic was very informative of the different tools people find useful in their business. I think your guest format is very useful and I hope you will do a lot more of them. It is helpful when different tools are mentioned in your podcasts because there are so many useful new tools out there that most of use are not aware of and could benefit if we knew of them.

    • Michelle Guerra says:

      Thanks for your great feedback, Jim! I have a few upcoming guest interviews. Are you using any of the tools that were mentioned in this episode? If not, were you considering them now that you heard about how they are used in a specific business like Lindsey’s?

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