TMS 16: Do’s and Don’ts for Using Technology to Communicate

Our technology was designed to make communicating easier, and in some cases it does. We can send one email to several — even millions — of people at once. We can shoot a quick text message to check in with someone when we can’t make a call. We can even brainstorm with teammates that span the globe in lively chat room discussions.

However, somewhere along the way, many of us started to rely too much on technology to communicate—even hiding behind it. That has resulted in inefficiency, misunderstandings, conflict, hurt feelings and even damaged relationships.

I said enough already.

In this podcast, we’re talking all about communication etiquette, and specifically when and how to use technology to communicate. Highlights include:

  • When you should feel free to communicate via technology—and when you should pick up the phone, or dare I say, meet face to face.
  • Video chat: The next best thing to meeting in person.
  • Rules for using email (Hint: They’re not for sharing criticism or problem solving).
  • The most overused—and my least favorite form—of communication.
  • Collaboration tools: My picks for communicating with business associates, coworkers, and clients.  

Resources from this Episode:

*Note: I’m a proud affiliate of these products and services, and I do receive a small commission from each sale.

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