TMS 14: Computer Shopping: Make a Purchase You Won’t Regret

Is it time to do away with your old computer and buy a new one? The average lifespan of a laptop is about three years. Desktops have a bit more longevity and can work well for up to five years. Still, chronological age isn’t the main factor when it comes to deciding whether you need to buy a new computer.

If your computer is slow, you can’t install the latest operating system, software or apps, or it just doesn’t function like it used to, it’s likely time to upgrade. Before you do, listen to this podcast to gain a step-by-step process for selecting a computer that will meet your needs. Highlights include:

  • Your first step: Taking inventory of the software and apps you use so you’ll know what technical requirements you need out of your new computer — and whether you will need to upgrade your software.
  • Deciding what operating system you want: Mac, Chrome, or Windows. Which is right for you?
  • The pros and cons of a laptop versus a desktop. Is one better than the other?
    Why it’s absolutely critical to determining how much hard drive storage and memory you need before you consider price or any bells and whistles.
  • How to save money by purchasing a refurbished computer instead of one off the shelf.

Resources from this Episode:

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