TMS 13: Ransomware in Real Life: How One Victim Recovered

In our last episode “Don’t Be a Victim of Ransomware,” we talked about how prevalent ransomware is for large enterprises, small businesses, and even individuals.

In other words, no one is safe from this form of cybercrime. This week’s topic and special guest provides a perfect example of that.

You’d think of all places, churches would be off-limits to cybercriminals. Unfortunately, as my Guest, Father Les Carpenter of St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church learned that’s not the case.

Listen in as he shares how his church was attacked by ransomware, what he learned from the
process, and the steps he’s taken to prevent another one. Find out:

  • How did the church discover it had been hit with ransomware?
  • How much did the hacker want — and did Father Les pay?
  • What steps has he and the church taken to recover from the incident?
  • What processes and tools are the church using to prevent another attack?

If you haven’t listened to “Don’t Be a Victim of Ransomware,” check it out now. It offers loads of practical advice you can implement TODAY to protect your personal and business data.

Resources from this Episode:

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