TMS 12: Don’t Be a Victim of Ransomware

Ransomware is just what it sounds like: Malicious software cyber criminals use to prevent you from accessing your network or devices until you pay a ransom. Refuse to pay up and you will never see your data again.  

If you think only large enterprises are targets, you’re wrong. Ransomware is the top form of cyber attack against small- and medium-sized businesses, and even individuals aren’t immune. Ransomware can expose confidential personal, business and customer data to the wrong people — and in some cases, has even forced businesses to shut down until they can recover.

In this podcast, we’re discussing ransomware and how you can protect yourself against this growing threat. Highlights from the podcast:

  • Email, social networking sites, and USB are all vulnerable to ransomware, but you can keep using them and protect yourself. Find out how.
  • Extra precaution is always ideal, but you don’t have to invest in expensive software or platforms to protect your data. We cover four simple — but effective — solutions that are low- or no cost.
  • The key to preventing ransomware in your business starts with open communication with employees and contractors. We’ll offer you a few talking points to get the conversation going.
  • Backup is your best bet for sticking it to the criminals who want to hold your data hostage. I’ll share my top recommendation for a backup tool.

Next week, we’re going to continue the discussion on ransomware, so be sure to tune in when I interview my first Guest, who learned about ransomware the hard way.

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Resources from this Episode:

  • Nick Wilhite says:

    Very informative. I was Aware of all of this but did not really understand it. Thanks for making it understandable.

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