TMS 10: Overcoming Your Fear of Technology

The fear of technology is a real thing. So much so that there’s a term for it: technophobia or the sometimes-debilitating fear of complex or new technology.

For those of us who grew up before computers, smartphones and the Internet became entrenched in our lives, taking on new technology can be especially overwhelming and confusing.

I’m here to say it doesn’t have to be that way. Technology—when used intentionally and to its full potential—can be life-changing, making us more productive, efficient and effective in everything we do.

Join the podcast to learn:

  • My sure-fire strategy for changing how you view technology, overcoming your fears and using it with purpose.
  • How to boost your technology confidence.
  • 2 steps that will get you on your way to learning new technology.
  • The best way to reinforce your technical knowledge.

Resources from this Episode:

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