TMS 2: Do More With That Expensive Smartphone

Do you use your smartphone to make calls, check email, scroll social media and take pictures—but not much else? Well, I’ve got some news for you: You’re wasting your money.

You can literally run your life—both personal and professional—from that tiny device.  You paid so much for it, so shouldn’t you be maximizing every benefit and feature? I think so, and in this podcast, I will tell you how. Listen now to learn:

  • How to make sense of all those apps on your phone—and pick the ones that will actually
    help you.
  • Smartphone hacks that will change your life—and make you drastically more
  • The features you can ignore, and the ones you can’t live without.
  • Managing your FOMO—Fear of Missing Out—with built-in features that are easy to set
  • And more.

Resources from this Episode:

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