TMS 1: Feeling Dumb About Smartphone Shopping?

The average smartphone costs nearly $600—so it’s a purchase you shouldn’t take lightly.  But how do you know which smartphone is best for you?  How do you confidently invest in one that will meet all your personal and business needs?

In this podcast, I’ll walk you through the process and offer my best advice for spending your money wisely. I’ll discuss:

  • Apple, Google or Android, and Microsoft—does the platform really matter? Yes, yes it
  • The quickest way to save money on a phone (Pssst: It’s all about the storage).
  • Payment Plan versus Paying Full Price: Which is better?
  • Do you really need the newest generation?
  • And more.

Plus, for a handy checklist, you can take to the store with you, check out 5 Steps to Choose the Right Smartphone that includes a detailed comparison chart of leading smartphones.

Resources from this Episode:

  • Michelle Guerra says:

    Be sure to download the Buyers Guide “5 Steps to Choose the Right Smartphone” before you go shopping for your next smartphone!

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