Streamline Your Service Business for Growth

Helping service-based businesses master Google Workspace, produce highly-efficient business systems, and overcome the challenge of finding and mapping the right technology.

The truth is, every big business was once a small business navigating the same challenges you’re facing now. The difference in their growth and sustained success are the systems, business operations, and best practices they've applied over the years to be more efficient and better connect with their ideal customers. 

But, here’s the secret: You can do it, too—right now. And it won’t take an expensive budget, complicated resources, or tons of your time. Want to make your small business feel big? Let me show you how.

Business Building with Purpose

✔️  Feel empowered: Get the confidence to take your business to the next level with affordable, simple-to-use tools that I’ve already searched, tested, and vetted for you.

✔️  Make life easier while gaining and retaining new customers: Transform your service business into a seamless customer experience using the Google platform to accomplish tasks such as securing your intellectual property, managing project communications, and so much more! 

✔️  Decrease your stress and increase productivity: Work less while accomplishing more, with best practices and streamlined systems tailored to your customers.

You May Need a Expert if: 

✔️  You want your business to feel more streamlined and professional but don't have the time, knowledge, resources—or confidence—to get started.

✔️  You're spending unnecessary time and money on inefficient and cumbersome systems that aren’t capturing or retaining customers.

✔️  New technology feels intimidating without the right tools, structure, and direction.

It’s more than training, it’s a transformation.

Get that dedicated time with an expert for your specific business needs.  You’ll walk away with practical solutions combined with a long-term strategy to help you implement and manage new systems and technology.   

✔️ Run your operations more efficiently  ✔️ Work from anywhere with any device 
✔️ Leverage the cloud  ✔️ Organize your digital content 
✔️ Set up your professional virtual office

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Businesses that Made the Investment

"Time is money, and if you are stressed and have too much on your plate you need to see where things need improving and that is what Michelle did for us. An evaluation of our systems and team and then created processes that helped clarify roles and technology.  I feel what I really was most inspired by was Michelle's desire and positive approach in making sure we're successful! It was congruent with our office culture!" 

~Shannon, Principal Designer, Mann Designs Studio

"Michelle, you are great at what you do! Your process management and mapping are excellent!  Spending time with you has helped us to find clarity in our business processes (directly and indirectly). The changes you suggested will ultimately allow us to provide an even better customer experience."

~Edward, CEO, The Web Page Site

"Michelle was an amazing investment!  Hiring Michelle allowed me to see all of the possibilities to make my life easier from a systems perspective. I am extremely confident and more confident about creating documents for my clients and ways to bring my team members closer together. I am building a structure that can easily be expanded as my team grows."

~Dominque, Owner, Virtual Tutoring, Engaged Minds Academy

"Michelle helped me take the larger steps needed to move my company forward.  She thinks about my processes from the perspective of my clients, not just making it easier for myself.  I’m more confident and focused on building the right systems, using the right technology to serve my clients with the best experience.

~Lee, The Hiring MatchMaker, Clough Consulting

Nonprofits that Made the Investment

Before working with Michelle, we had just implemented Google Workspace for Nonprofits.  I was unfamiliar with administrating Google's platform and managing all of the Google Apps.  We knew that Google's platform would provide a better method to communicate with our staff and parishioners, but needed guidance.  Learning about all the features Google has to offer us was eye-opening.  Most of all, I'm definitely more confident in using and managing Google both for myself and my team (even for friends!) Thank you! It was a pleasure learning with you. I learned more than I first expected!

~Gabriela, Office Administrator, Nonprofit: St. Lukes & The Epiphany

"We think ministry leads to burnout, but that is not true. Chruch management leads to burnout. The best kind of self-care is finding better ways of doing things. Michelle is a gifted listener who pastor's pastors and finds genuine solutions to make ministry more productive and life-giving. You should talk to her. She is a fount of blessing." 

~Les, Rector, Nonprofit: St. Aidan's Episcopal Church

“I struggled with understanding various apps and their relationship with the cloud. After just one session with Michelle, I now see a larger picture of the technology I engage with and I do it with increased confidence.  I am more confident. My stress level has decreased and my productivity has increased.”

~Christine, Reverend, Nonprofit: St. Aidan's Episcopal Church

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